I photograph people - brides, grooms, families, friends, & anyone in love

My photography is devoted to the relationships between people & the small, meaningful moments that make up everyday life. I capture all this on film - Kodak & Ilford are my favorites - because of the nostalgic, luminous qualities it brings to my work.


During a portrait session or wedding day, I’m calm, professional, possibly goofy, & always kind. I look for the unrehearsed moments - joy, tears, gut-laughs, & all the other imperfect, honest emotions - because I believe in capturing as full a picture of life as possible. My greatest goal is to put you at ease with the camera so your own personality & emotion can come through. This helps to create thoughtful, timeless photographs that you can share with the people you love.

Photography has been my full-time profession for over 10 years & my most fulfilling artistic expression for even longer. I was raised in northern California, studied fine art, documentary style, & portraiture, & have traveled all over the world putting my cameras to good use. San Francisco has been my home for 15 years & I’m lucky to share it with my whip-smart guy, Craig. We have a home filled with tons of photos, music & books, a giant cat named Hazmo, & lots of gorgeous natural light.